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Sonic Frontiers Trailer Compilation

Hello, Gamers! Today, I’d like to take the time to talk about Sonic Frontiers just a bit. It’s a game that, while I am personally excited for, I haven’t been keeping up on it much. To be fair though, there hasn’t been as much information released about it as certain other games I’ve been talking about. So, today, I thought I would just try to compile all of the trailers and gameplay footage we have of the game so far. If you are not familiar with the game at all, this is the time to get caught up because the game comes out this coming Tuesday, November 8th!

Sonic Official Trailers

The easiest way to start this compilation is to just share the Sonic Frontiers playlist from the official Sonic the Hedgehog YouTube Channel! It has nearly all of the videos on the channel in it, except 2; the announcement trailer and the story trailer. Why are they not on there? I’m not sure, probably just an oversight on their part but here’s the link to the playlist and both of those videos!

Sonic Frontiers Playlist:

Sonic Frontiers Announcement Trailer:

Sonic Frontiers Story Trailer:

IGN Gameplay 

So the first couple of IGN gameplay trailers had several Sonic fans reeling, mostly because the individual playing wasn’t doing the best job of it; going slower than normal, taking unnecessary hits during combat, etc. This gave fans the impression it was problems with the game itself and not the person who was playing. 

Now, I’ll play devil’s advocate here and say that he was probably doing things based on what he was told he could or could not do. But, there is also the fact IGN hasn’t rated any of the recent Sonic games very highly, so that is something else to consider. Sabotage? Honestly, there’s not enough evidence to make any sort of claim like that. I personally found no problem with the footage beyond what I mentioned above and thought the game looked incredible, so let’s take a look at that footage now.

Sonic Frontiers World Premiere Gameplay:

Sonic Frontiers Combat Gameplay:

Sonic Frontiers Chaos Island Gameplay:

Sonic Frontiers Final Preview:

Wrapping Up

Phew, that was a lot of YouTube digging for today. Beyond smaller gaming channels showing off gameplay footage from the playtest in Japan that they managed to capture on their phones or playing the demo, yes there’s a demo, I wasn’t able to find any other official material. If you manage to find any videos I’m missing here, don’t be afraid to share them in the comments!

This is all I have for you for today. Over the weekend I will be finally playing through the demo of Harvestella, and then I will have that review for you. Hopefully, I can get ahold of Sonic Frontiers next week, and I can play that for you and get a review out of it soon. November will be a busy month, so we will have to wait and see. Later, Gamers!

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