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Ooblet’s First Impressions

Hello, Gamers! Long time no see! This article, and the next one I planned on doing, was supposed to be done last week. However, I got really sick last week so, doing a lot of work was really a no-go. I was lucky to get anything done at all. So, now, today we have our article! 

*Since this has taken me so long to release, I want to be clear that this is a first impressions article. It was written before the update and before I had a chance to play the game more. I’ll start off right now with the fact, I’m a bit harsh here and my opinions have changed a bit since.

Should I have just scrapped this and rewrote it? Maybe, but I think it might be best to release my first impressions of the game and then go back to it late after I’ve finished it and have a better grasp on the game itself and compare the two. Now, onto the article!

About The Game

So, what did I write about today? Well, today I wrote a review of Ooblets! What’s Ooblets you ask? It’s a zany take on the classic monster collector and farm sim genre of games, done in a very cozy cell-shaded style with pastel colors. The game starts off more or less like any farm sim, you show up in a new town, the Mayor takes you to an abandoned farm after you meet the townsfolk, and you start your new life there. However, now we’re throwing in dancing creatures that you have to grow into the mix too. 

As with all reviews, we’re going to follow the same formula I’ve been using; start off with what I liked, then talk about what I didn’t like, then end with my final review of the game. We’ll be answering the question, “What does Rokelle actually think about Ooblets?” that I am sure that some of you are at least asking. Or, you’re at least looking for opinions before you try it. Let’s stop wasting time, and jump right in.

What I Like About Ooblets

Well, there are a few things I liked about it at least. I mentioned a couple of those above, but I’ll just relist them anyways. I would like to go ahead and state that I only played this game for a few hours, but I think that gave me enough information to formulate this review as the game itself doesn’t seem that large. The things that I liked were as follows:

  • Pastel color palette
  • Cell-shaded art style
  • The color palette combined with the art style gave the game a very cozy feeling
  • Typical farm sim startup, but with its own twists
  • Cute creature collector
  • Simple control scheme
  • Dance battles are easy to learn
  • The town seems easy to navigate
  • NPCs have unique designs

All of these things stood out to me as things I liked about the game, however, there were some things about it that I didn’t like as well. 

What I Didn’t Like About Ooblets

I want to start off by saying that, I don’t think any of these things make the game unplayable. They just don’t make the game as captivating or enjoyable for me, personally. There are design choices made that, make the game a bit too quirky for me. Let’s get into the list. 

  • Limited character customization
    • Hopefully, this is expanded upon in the future, right now, it’s far too limited.
  • The townsfolk either just seem flat-out rude or just uninteresting to talk to.
    • This leans more toward them being unnecessarily rude. They also have an odd way of being that just doesn’t make any sense really. This very quickly makes the game feel less cozy and relaxing to play.
    • The NPCs also have this odd side-to-side head thing they do when they talk that makes them feel overly sassy. This adds to the rudeness in their dialogue.
  • The overall story isn’t as captivating as other farm sims.
    • In other farm sims I have played, you seem to be drawn to some grand purpose for being in the new town you are in. This isn’t really the case with Ooblets. 
    • You go to the island to start a new life and are then ordered around by Mayor to essentially do their job for them. There’s not really a sense of community there, which I feel is where most of the charm from typical farm sims comes. 

I suppose I could summarize all of this as, I don’t really feel welcome in the new place I have decided to live and with the way things have gone, I honestly want to hop back on the boat I came from and go back home. Unfortunately for my character, that’s not an option and we must press on. It may get more enjoyable as we progress through the game, but it is hard to find the motivation to do that when the whole town’s vibe is a major turn-off. 

I think I got a little bit more than just a small amount of culture shock from how everyone in town is acting. It’s very off-putting. I think this was the developers’ way to show just how different everyone acts on the island, but it personally doesn’t draw me in and make me want to play the game more.

My Final Rating For Ooblets

Final Rating

So what’s my final rating? Because of the fact that I like a lot of the aesthetic and gameplay choices of the game, not so much the storytelling, I’m going to rate this game 3.8/5 stars. This is because as of right now, I don’t really find it all that enjoyable. I thought from the trailer it would be a fun twist on the farm sim genre, but where it stands right now, I’m not really having fun. 

The game is pretty, and cozy aesthetically, but the storytelling could use a lot of work. The other thing that disappointed me majorly was the incredibly limited character creation. I think we are in a day and age where character creation needs to be as personal as possible, and you cannot really achieve that with a small handful of eye color, hairstyle, and hair color choices. 

Would I recommend the game? No, not exactly. Not as it currently stands. The unique features of this game; the ooblet dance battles and the ability to grow new ooblets, in my opinion, aren’t enough to put this game on the map of being a well-designed game worthy of being picked over any other. I think if you are looking for a cozy farm-sim experience, there are plenty of other games to fulfill that purpose. Same with creature collectors, there are a lot of those on the market as well that all function similarly.

Wrapping Up

That’s all I have for you for today, Gamers! Keep an eye out for my next two reviews, they will hopefully be arriving this week, as I want to catch up on things because I missed out on making content last week. The next article will be my review of Splatoon 3. I’m really excited about that one and I hope you are too. Goodbye for now! Later, Gamers!

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