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Indie World Showcase Summary

Hello, Gamers! For today’s article, I wanted to cover Nintendo’s Indie Showcase that premiered today. Given the fact that E3 is exactly one month away, I can almost guarantee that this will be the last major announcement from Nintendo we will see before next month.

There are 20 different indie titles in total that they go over in the video. A lot of them seem to follow a similar aesthetic; most seem to have a bright and comfy palette while others are more dark and gritty. I have the video linked below so you can watch it. I’ll also include a list of each of the games listed, their publisher, and estimated release time. I’ll follow up on the list with which games I was interested in the most. Without further ado, let’s hop right into it.

List of Games From the Indie World Showcase 5/11/22

  1. Ooblets – Glumberland – Summer 2022
    1. This is a comfy and cozy-looking farm sim by Glumberland where instead of growing your own crops, you grow cute and cuddly creatures instead. This game has a warm, light-hearted color palette and gives me major Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons vibes. You seem to be given a lot of customization options for your character as well, which is a huge bonus.
  2. Batora: Lost Haven – Team17, Stormind Games – Fall 2022
    1. Batora: Lost Haven is a fantasy-action RPG. This game has a dark palette which kinda reminds me of a glow fish tank. It’s a great mix of vibrancy and darkness mixed into one. We also have a female protagonist, so if you love games with a strong female lead, this one might be just for you.
  3. Elechead – NamaTakahashi – Summer 2022
    1. Play as a tiny cute robot with zappy powers in this puzzle platformer. Any surface our robot friend touches becomes powered, so you’ll have to think very strategically to make it through these puzzles. You’ll definitely be using your head with this one.
  4. Soundfall – Drastic Games, Noodlecake – 5/11/2022
    1. Travel to the vibrant and melodic world of Symphonia in this rhythm-fighting shooter. If you’ve played games like Crypt of the Necodancer or Cadence of Hyrule, then you may want to check out Soundfall.
  5. Wildfrost – Chucklefish, Deadpan Games – Holiday 2022
    1. Expand your home base to give yourself access to more cards as you fight against the eternal frost. This game features tactical gameplay and a bright, yet cool-toned palette. If you like roguelike card-battlers, then Wildfrost might be for you. 
  6. Totally Accurate Battle Simulator – Landfall Games – Summer 2022
    1. If you’re up for some wibbly-wobbly simulated battle action then you may be interested in TABS (Totally Accurate Battle Simulator). This game has been on PC for quite a while, evolving into what it is today since 2016. This Summer, you can have all of this ragdoll battle action for yourself on your Nintendo Switch system. 
  7. Gunbrella – Doinksoft, Devolver Digital – 2023
    1. Described as a noir-punk action-adventure, Gunbrella is one of the grittier games on our list. You’ll explore a dark world full of twists and turns on what seems to be a quest for revenge. 
  8. We Are OFK – Team OFK – Summer 2022
    1. We are OFK is a heartfelt story about the formation of an up-and-coming band. Taking place in downtown L.A., this game has a muted, pastel-like palette that gives it a sort of dreamy aesthetic. As an interactive narrative, you get to control the lives of these four friends as they are working together to make their big band debut.
  9. SILT – Spiral Circus, Fireshine Games – June 2022
    1. SILT is a dark, gritty side-scroller that is very reminiscent of Limbo and Inside. You play as a deep-sea diver and you are able to control the minds of various sea creatures, an ability you need to use to progress through the levels. 
  10. Mini Motorways – Dinosaur Polo Club – 5/11/2022
    1. From the creators of Mini Metro, comes another puzzle game where you get to deal with City’s ever-growing traffic congestion problem. Both games seem to play very similarly, so if you’re a fan of Mini Metro, I suggest grabbing this game as well.
  11. Wayward Strand – Ghost Pattern – July 21, 2022
    1. In an interactive narrative taking place in Australia during the late 1970s, you play as a young girl named Casey exploring a wondrous flying hospital. Talk to the staff and patients, learning different things about their lives, or eavesdrop to get the information instead. Due to the unique way this game handles time, it has lots of replayability and possibly multiple endings to boot.
  12. Cult of the Lamb – Devolver Digital, Massive Monster – 2022
    1. Another darker, yet charming title on the list. Play as a lamb possessed by a deity and grow your cult following in this cartoony action-adventure game. We don’t have a definitive release date yet, just an open-ended window of a release sometime this year.
  13. Another Crab’s Treasure – Aggro Crab – 2023
    1. A Soulslike game that’s about a hermit crab named Kril searching for his stolen shell. Battle your way through the ocean fighting against the mysterious infection known as the Gunk and learning new fighting techniques known as Umami to find your shell. Souls and action-adventure fans may want to get their pinchers on this game once it releases.

The rest of these games were mentioned in the Indie World Showcase but not a lot was said about them, so I had to look them up to give you a bit more information about them. Information taken from their Steam pages.

  1. Oneshot: World Machine Edition – DANGEN Entertainment, Future Cat LLC – Summer 2022
    1. This is a top-down puzzle/adventure game. You as the player, guide Niko through a mysterious and fast-decaying world. Some of you might be familiar with this game, as it first came to PC in 2016.
  2. Gibbon: Beyond the Trees – Broken Rules – 5/11/2022
    1. A side-scrolling adventure game where you play as a lost gibbon and make your way back to your family. This game is done in a very pretty hand-drawn style.
  3. Idol Manager – PLAYISM, Glitch Pitch –  8/25/2022
    1. A business sim where you play as a well, idol manager. Get your idols to the top of the charts by any means necessary and however you see fit.
  4. Card Shark – Devolver Digital, Nerial – 6/2/2022
    1. Preorder and demo available today. Play cards and cheat your way up to the top of 18th-Century French society, starting from the very bottom.
  5. Cursed to Golf – Thunderful, Chuhai Labs – Summer 2022
    1. A zany golf game. You’re stuck in purgatory and the only way out is to golf your way to victory.
  6. A Guidebook of Babel – Pixmain, StarryStarry – Fall 2022
    1. Have you ever heard of the butterfly effect Gamers? In this plot adventure game, EVERYTHING you do matters. Rewrite history and figure out the secrets of the place you’re currently in. This game might be a doozy, at least to your brain.
  7. Opus: Echo of Starsong – Full Bloom Edition – SIGONO – 5/11/2022
    1. A visual novel-style adventure game. If you’re a fan of the Opus series, visual novels, puzzles, story-driven narratives, and adventure, then Opus: Echo of Starsong might just be for you.

Games That Interested Me The Most

All of the games shown off during this Indie Showcase caught my interest somehow, but there are a few that really caught my eye and I plan on getting them as soon as possible. These five games came out on top for me out of everything shown off today.

  1. Ooblets
    1. My love of Animal Crossing, Stardew Valley, and Pokémon makes this choice a no-brainer for me. It’s warm, fuzzy, and cute in its aesthetic and I can’t wait to get a hold of it.
  1. Soundfall
    1. Honestly, I wasn’t too good at Crypt of the Necrodancer, maybe I’ll show you guys a really bad playthrough someday, but this game just grabbed my attention immediately and looks like it will be a lot of fun.
  1. We Are OFK
    1. I love interactive narratives and this game also gave me major Life is Strange vibes (primarily the comics that follow the saving Chloe ending). I also love the neon pastels and cell-shaded style. 
  1. Wayward Strand
    1. Another narrative game. This game interests me greatly in the fact that it has the potential to not only deliver interesting stories but it has a lot of replayability.
  1. Opus: Echo of Starsong – Full Bloom Edition 
    1. This game has a beautiful cell-shaded style and I love visual novel types of games. I may not be getting this game right away, as there are two games that precede it that I would like to play first, but it is definitely on the list.

Wrapping Up

I hope you enjoyed today’s article Gamers. What games shown off during today’s Indie Showcase were you excited for? There’s definitely a little bit of something for everyone shown off here.

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Keep an eye out for our next article. Until next time, later Gamers!

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